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Re: Re: Whats the alternative to .xinitrc

>> I am running up to date KDE Sid with SDDM but I need to start the gnome 
>> keyring at x startup to satisfy Midori dependencies.
>> The Midori FAQ suggests adding  “export `gnome-keyring-daemon –start`” to 
>> the historical .xinitrc but this seems to be ignored as does .xsession as 
>> suggested by the startx man page.
>> As .xinitrc has worked OK in the past, how do I now set the user 
>> when X starts?
>My .xsessionrc is functional. The magic happens in
>   /etc/X11/Xsession.d/40x11-common_xsessionrc
> +-----------------------
> | # This file is sourced by Xsession(5), not executed.
> | 
> | #Source user defined xsessionrc (locales and other environment variables)
> | if [ -r "$USERXSESSIONRC" ]; then
> | fi
> +-----------------------
>Attention: I'm running SysV init -- perhaps things are different in other

Thank you for your help, I was wrong footed by the man page which suggested 
using .xsession not .xsessionrc so I guess the man page needs an update. Looks 
like it is now OK after changing to .xsessionrc.

Also sorry for the double posting, I has DNS problems which caused me to be 
unsubscribed and I didn't see the replies.