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Re: Don't taint kernel when using the forcepae kernel boot parameter

Wow. This is some of the best Debian doc I've seen. Really thanks.
And z/VM stuff. What's not to like?


On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 8:07 AM, Stephen Powell <zlinuxman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For those of you who have an old laptop/notebook with a Banias-class Pentium M or
Celeron M 32-bit Intel processor, use the forcepae option, and run a custom kernel
(admitedly a limited audience), I have just developed a patch which you may find
useful.  By default, the kernel will taint itself (for the reason "CPU out of spec")
when the forcepae kernel boot parameter is used.  I disagree with this course of
action.  First of all, the CPU is not really out of spec.  The CPU has all the
capabilities that the kernel requires of it.  It just fails to report one of them.
Second, there is no binary-only blob mixed in with the source code.  It makes sense
to disable lock debugging when all the source code is not available, but there is
no missing source code in this case.  My patch leaves the kernel untainted:

   wget http://www.stevesdebianstuff.org/dont_taint_forcepae.patch

For more information about building a custom kernel, see


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