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Re: stretch apt-get -u dist-upgrade does not result in sid

Felix Miata wrote on 02/18/17 06:10:
> I changed sources.list to point only to sid, then apt-get clean, then apt-get
> update, apt-get -u dist-upgrade. /etc/debian_version and /etc/issue still say I
> have 9.0. Can held back non-essential packages stonewall a dist-upgrade? mc and
> mc-lang 4.8.17 have been held back by me manually because 4.8.18 is broken. Is
> this why I don't seem to have sid?

The file /etc/issue belongs to package base-files (dpkg -S /etc/issue)
There is no newer version of this package in sid than that of testing which is
version 9.8. Therefore, you see "9.0" in /etc/issue.

More helpful is apt-show-versions (from the package with the same name):

$ apt-show-versions | grep unstable

To find out if some packages are still upgradeable, order

$ apt-show-versions -u