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Re: Who's locking down the code?


DÅa Sat, 25 Oct 2014 11:14:24 -0500 golinux@xxxxxxxxxx napÃsal:

> Would appreciate comments on this observation:
> "Look at the source code (while you're at it, note who are the
> upstream maintainers of util-linux). Even they (so far) allow
> compilation without systemd. It is Debian who are introducing systemd
> dependencies even where it is actually optional in the upstream
> source."
> If upstream is allowing choice, why is Debian cutting it off?  Maybe
> I'm missing something . . .

I am not systemd fan, but i understand this dependency as Debian's
property. I see it in many other packages (not systemd related) too and
i was not very take care about it. But in the last year the count of my
installed packages rapidly grows - not by growing the count of
installed software, but due growing the dependencies and split source
packages to more small binary packages. The count grows from cca 2100
to near 3000 packages. IMO, and i understand it as the pay for a big
number of supported architectures.

But thanks to opensource, it is relative simple task to rebuild packages
by self and because i don't want the systemd in my machine at all, i
start this process and i am mostly success. I was success with these
packages (mix binary and source names) yet:

+ util-linux
+ policykit
+ udisks2
+ dbus
+ pulseaudio
+ uuid-runtime
+ php5

With the gvfs I was only partially success, it hangs on tests in i386
pbuilder's chroot (i have installed some i386 packages). For now only
the cups left to do. It seems as OK, but i afraid, if removing the
systemd at all will not cause another problems...

By this yes, removing the systemd dependency is relative simple task and
anyone which have some basic knowledge about debian packaging can be
success with it - by download sources via APT, then look into debian
directory to the control, rules and *.install files and remove/change
the systemd stuff. IMO there can be two versions of these packages in
the repositories, one which depends on systemd and one which don't
depends on it, but i afraid, that there will be response: "not enough


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