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Re: Survey: git packaging practices / repository format

Nikolaus Rath writes ("Re: Survey: git packaging practices / repository format"):
> On May 29 2019, Sam Hartman <hartmans@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The thing his approach really seems to have going for it is that he
> > gives up on the debian history fast forwarding and instead rebases a lot
> > for a cleaner history.
> > If we could figure out a way to collaborate on something like that well,
> > it might be a very interesting tool to have.

The difficulty with this as a collaboration approach is that you can't
tell whether a rebase is "the newest", at least without a lot of
additional information.  That additional information is the "clutter"
if you like which the "cleaner" history doesn't contain.

> This sounds similar to the (now unmaintained) git-dpm to me.

Both git-debrebase and git-dpm use a special history structure to
record what the most recent rebase is.  Obviously I prefer
git-debrebase since I wrote it - using a different data model - even
after I knew about git-dpm and its data model.  But maybe this isn't
the thread for that advocacy conversation.


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