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Re: Buster/XFCE unlock screen is blank

> > Switching to another greeter from the default gtk-greeter appears to help
> > according to that bug, which may mean that the bug is actually in
> > lightdm-gtk-greeter.  There doesn't appear to be a Debian bug for this; it
> > might be a good idea to open one against light-locker (or, if you confirm
> > switching to slick-greeter per that bug, lightdm-gtk-greeter).

Switching to slick-greeter helped. Thank you.

> Yes, please file the bug (and may be report the bug number here).  We
> should not release with a broken greeter as default since we can not
> assume that normal users will find out the "switch VT trick" and instead
> will assume the box is frozen.

Thank you for the feedback. I have filed a bug report (929834) for this issue.

Raj Kiran