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I am Ashlie Bennett. I am an HR. Our company is recruiting a sociable, punctual, responsible person to join our team as  online manager. After examining a list of resumes, we chose you as the most eligible candidate. 

We offer this job as underemployment at the moment. We will provide you an opportunity to fulfill yourself as a full-time worker after the trial period. We would like you to stay with us for a full-day post after probation as well.

I remind you once again that this vacancy is for US citizens or persons with permit to work in the US only.

It is very important for us to choose a good employee as the prompt and correct performance of your  duties will affect the profit of our company straightforward. Greater incentives are provided for good performance as well. You may be independent â?? working from home is possible as well.

We await your positive response to our offer. Let us know when you can take your post. Please write us and we will send you a  set of required documents.

Ashlie Bennett