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Re: Survey: git packaging practices / repository format

Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult writes ("Re: Survey: git packaging practices / repository format"):
> I'd call it the 'git-only-workflow' ;-)
> It's not in official Debian. I've announced it long go, but nobody
> here really cared. I couldn't even convice debian maintainers for
> little less insane scm workflows (just look at the kernel :p), but
> failed, so I don't waste my time anymore, instead just clean up the
> mess for those packages that I actually need.

Oh.  I think I have misunderstood.  I think you are describing a git
workflow you use as a *downstream* of Debian, not as a maintainer
*within* Debian.

And I think what you are saying is that you don't use source packages
(.dsc) except maybe in the innards somewhere of your machinery.
I think that is a good way for a downstream to work.  Certainly when I
modify anything locally I don't bothere with that .dsc stuff.

But my aim in this thread was to capture how people work *within*
Debian, where a maintainer is still required to produce a .dsc.

(Sorry that maybe I have wasted your time answering my questions.)


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