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Re: ZFS in Buster

Ian Jackson writes:
>> > Would it be possible to provide an alternative patched linux kernel
>> > that works with ZFS?
> I think this would be both unwise legally (without seeking additional
> legal advice) and rather rude to the kernel upstream whose code is
> then being reused without permission - indeed, contrary to their
> explicitly stated intent.

At least one commercial distribution (Ubuntu) has been distributing ZFS
binary modules as part of their Linux packages for some years and didn't
have any problems.

Debian doesn't provide prebuilt binary modules for out-of-tree modules
mostly to not have to care about them when the Linux ABI changes as
happens in many updates (including security/stable updates).

(Ubuntu avoids that by using `wget` to get the source for out-of-tree
modules like ZFS when building their src:linux package, something Debian
would probably not like that much...)