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Re: Survey: git packaging practices / repository format

On 28.05.19 17:51, Ian Jackson wrote:> While trying to write the dgit
FAQ, and some of the relevant docs, it
> has become even more painfully obvious that we lack a good handle on
> what all the different ways are that people use git to do their Debian
> packaging, and what people call these formats/workflows, and what
> tools they use.
> Can you please look through the table below and see if I have covered
> everything you do ?


I'm always cloning the upstream repo, branch off at their release tag
and add all necessary chanages as individual git commits - first come
the generic (non-deb specific) patches, then the deb specific ones.
No text-based patches, or even magic rewriting within the build process.
The HEAD is exactly the debianized source tree, which is then fed to


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