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Re: ZFS in Buster

Hi Dan

On 2019/05/28 18:43, Dan wrote:
> ZFS 0.8 has been released with lots of improvements, notably encryption.

Yep, it's an exciting feature.

> Sadly the Linux Kernel has introduced a commit in kernel 4.19 and 5.0
> that prevents ZFS from using SIMD. The result is that ZFS won't be
> usable in Buster. See the following issue
> https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/issues/8793

Buster ships zfs-dkms version 0.7.12-2 though, which works just fine on

> NixOS reverted that particular commit:
> https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NixOS-Linux-5.0-ZFS-FPU-Drop
> Debian is the "Universal Operating System" and gives the user the
> option to choose. It provides "vim and emacs", "Gnome and KDE",
> "Linux, Hurd, KfreeBSD, etc.". I think that Debian should also provide
> the option to use ZFS with encryption.

Debian does offer that, ZFS runs fine on LUKS, I use that all the time
and it works just fine on buster.

Misattributing the intent behind the "Universal Operating System" will
never get you anywhere if you try to make a point in Debian. I suggest
you not try to abuse it like that.

> Would it be possible to provide an alternative patched linux kernel
> that works with ZFS?

I'm not making any kind of judgment call on this, I'm not on the kernel
team, but it's kind of late in the buster cycle to test a patch in the
kernel for a regression that doesn't manifest in buster, for a version
of software that isn't packaged in buster. My guess is that it's very
possible for bookworm, and also that by the time bookworm is released
the upstreams would've come to a solution.

> The ZFS developers proposed the Linux developers to rewrite the whole
> ZFS code and use GPL, but surprisingly the linux developers didn't
> accept. See below:
> https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/issues/8314

That issue is closed because as the commenters rightly point out,
dual-licensing OpenZFS from cddl to cddl+gpl is impossible without the
permission of the original copyright owners (who clearly doesn't want to
do that).


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