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Re: Do we want to Require or Recommend DH

Quoting Guillem Jover (2019-05-28 12:46:34)
>   [dh] has proper documentation compared to cdbs which does not, which 
>   I think is the main reason I always found cdbs unappealing as you 
>   need to read its source code making its entire implementation its 
>   interface.

Another common technical¹ reason for disliking cdbs besides its lack of 
documentation is its exposing the make language where dh hides it.

>   This made me realize the same applies to dpkg's make fragments 
>   (which tend to be used with dh too), so I'll be adding man pages for 
>   those during 1.20.x. :)

Nice to know that my total² lack of documenting cdbs has at least been 
helpful in improving _other_ documentation ;-)

 - Jonas

¹ A common _non-technical_ reason is that cdbs is less popular than dh 
and therefore a reason Debian has less contributors than if they were 
given less choice.

² All existing documentation predates my taking lead of cdbs in 2009.

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