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Simplified Debianization Process (was: Re: Difficult Packaging Practices (OT)

Hi Thomas,

On 2019-05-28 07:48, Thomas Dettbarn wrote:
> Debian was quite more complicated, and the documentation on that 
> topic was scattered all over the interwebs. Here I had to download
> the sources, rename the directories, rename the package, repackage,
> change some files, count the number of spaces at the beginning of a
> line... I did it, but it is rather frustrating for new developers. 
> Please please help them! :)

That complexity comes from various reasons.

There is an on-going project named duprkit[1], which aims to provide
a simplified Debian packaging experience. Specifically, it defines
a "Recipe" format (YAML+HFT), which can be automatically converted
into a Debianized source tree (including downloading the source).
This tool set allows:

  * automatic Recipe guessing (nothing -> Recipe)
  * translating Recipe into debian/ directory (Recipe -> debian/ dir)
  * automatic debian/ directory generation (nothing -> Recipe -> debian/
  * Recipe -> .deb/.dsc convertion (download, extract, debianize, build)

I plan to beat both dh-make and debmake in the future.
(although you might be interested in them)

However, the problem is, even if this "duprkit" aims at
"Simplification" and "Automization", documentation is still
a problem due to lack of time and energy. The only thing
you can read is the code and some examples[2]. Plus, due
to the same reason y I'm still dragging the next major release
after a significant redesign.

[1] https://github.com/dupr/duprkit
[2] https://github.com/dupr/duprkit/tree/master/examples