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Re: Some questions about DD status and salsa

Hi Jonathan,

On 28.05.19 07:53, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> On 2019/05/28 01:05, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
>> I am happy with being now a non-uploading DD. And I dont know where to
>> ask, sorry for the noise.
>> For non-uploading DD, is a salsa account created? I tried to auth with
>> it, but not possible, then to reset the passwd, but I dont rceive mail
>> to do it on @debian.org.
> Our nomenclature is a bit confusing on that one. In reality, a DD and a
> none-uploading DD are very similar, the significant difference is that a
> none-uploading DD doesn't have upload rights to the debian archive. Both
> are full project members that represent the project and can vote in the
> elections.

But salsa != "the debian archive".

> People who aren't DDs can sign up for a guest account on salsa using:
> https://signup.salsa.debian.org/
> More information on https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc

I guess the question here is:

- is a Salsa account created automatically for every DD? This includes
  non-uploading DDs.
  - if yes:
    The doc seems to say so: "Debian Developers get synced every 6 hours
    from LDAP and retain their Debian login as salsa username."
        how does one recover the password?
        /* I remember that the existence and usage of
           https://db.debian.org/ is not well documented for new project
  - if no:
    can one create a non-guest account on Salsa?
    Or are non-uploading DDs considered "guests" on Salsa?