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Re: Difficult Packaging Practices

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Finney <bignose@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Ben> Sam Hartman <hartmans@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    >> If you just want to get upstream's idea of their package onto a
    >> system with their release schedule and their recommended
    >> dependency versions, there are better ways than getting a package
    >> into Debian.

    Ben> In the Debian mentors forum (that is, the chat channel, the
    Ben> mailing list, etc.) we make a point of saying: that's fine!

    Ben> Not every package needs to be in Debian, for its users to
    Ben> install that package.

I think I was trying to agree with you.

I'd actually recommend understanding people's pain points for other
approaches and making sure there aren't things we can do to make it

As an example, Ubuntu makes it easy to add side-loaded channels (ppas).
we don't.

The fast-paced repository discussion from earlier this year is another
example of where we could address a pain point.

Another pain point is people who would like to do the work of making
something stable but who need a fixed set of dependencies; the space
where containers might be a solution.
We as a distribution haven't done a lot there beyond including flatpak
and snap.