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Re: Consensus Call: Do We Want to Require or Recommend DH; comments by 2019-06-16

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Kitterman <debian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Scott> If we want to make not using dh except in certain situations
    Scott> a bug, it seems like something for a policy should kind of
    Scott> item.  We have an existing process for updating policy, so
    Scott> this should probably be kicked over there for further
    Scott> evaluation.

So a discussion like this tends to serve as inputs to discussions in the
rest of the project including policy.  However, I'd hope that delegates
like the policy editors or the TC would be guided by project consensus.

And If this consensus call stands, my next action as DPL will be to talk
to various people who are impacted about next steps.

The project is not well served by having each team rehash all the global
Absolutely, whoever takes this on on the policy front (TC or policy
editors) should figure out how to say this in policy.  Absolutely if
they find factors we failed to consider globally they should come back
to us.  If they read the discussion and believe I made the wrong
consensus call for that discussion, they should come back and say so.

But no I think we as a community right here get to decide what's a bug
if we want to, and I think it's reasonable for us to hold our delegates
accountable for implementing that decision or having a good reason to do