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Re: Consensus Call: Do We Want to Require or Recommend DH; comments by 2019-06-16

On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 11:34:39AM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> We have a reputation of having difficult
> packaging practices. We uphold this reputation as long as we have so
> many ways to do the same thing.

  [citation needed]

I do honestly not know what statements/comparisons from people outside
Debian are the basis for this claim, and whether making dh more mandatory
is even related to them.

It is a problem for people making their first contributions to Debian to 
get them into unstable. The problem here is lack of sponsors willing to 
do proper reviews and then uploads. Usually the package in question is 
already using dh.

Often the most difficult part of packaging are the unique rules the 
Debian ftp team requires for debian/copyright that are not required in 
distributions with actual lawyers. That's a completely separate topic.

It is perfectly possible that there is something else I am not aware
of, and you are assuming everyone in this discussion is.

It would therefore be really useful if you could send some links to 
statements from people outside Debian *why* they consider Debian to
have difficult packaging practices.



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