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Re: Official non-official Debian backporting versioning scheme

On Tue, 21 May 2019, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> In Debian we use version-revision (where revision is sometimes complex for 
> backports and stable updates).  If you use version-~revision where revision is 
> some thing similar to, but different than that used for security updates, 
> stable updates, or backports, you could be reasonably assured that your non-
> official version would also sort to a lower revision than the same upstream 
> version from any official repository.

Currently, we do version-revision for packages (unstable),
version-revision~bpo for backports, version-revision+debXuY /
version-revision~debXuY for security and stable-updates (sort higher
than backports, lower than unstable/testing).

If there isn't any reason to mind colisions with backports, just use
~bpo.  It is not like it makes sense to have two "official" (be it
official official or official unofficial :-p ) backports of the same
package.  Whomever comes ladter can just use ~bpoXu2 to superseed the
first backport (~bpoXu1).

That said, there's always "~~bpoXuY", which will sort lower than
anything we use officially.  But you'd need to go around setting bugs as
fixed in version-revision~~ if you integrate with the BTS, etc.

  Henrique Holschuh