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Re: Do we want to Require or Recommend DH

On Tue, May 21, 2019, 03:41 Vincent Bernat <bernat@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:.

Is there an example of a package where dh cannot be used? Making 96% of
packages simpler and 4% of packages moderately more complex seems to be
a good argument to uniformize our packaging practices towards dh.
Use the fundamental control flow constructs.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

I looked yesterday at the boxbackup source package and contemplated converting it to dh from debhelper. I decided to not, because I'm having a hard time seeing a significant simplification potential. Maybe I'm just not seeing it? 

Note that I orphaned the package quite some time ago, so feel welcome to simplify it as much as possible on Salsa.