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Official non-official Debian backporting versioning scheme

I would like to ask/get a consensus on a sensible "official
non-official" Debian backporting version scheme for 3rd party

The goal is to be able to provide non-official packages that do
integrate within current Debian ones *but* do not interfere with
normal Debian stable/backports.

I think an example will help here. My main goal is to be able to
provide [1] Qt backports. Due to Qt's private API usage of third party
packages (kwin, for example) we Qt/KDE maintainers can't provide an
official Debian backport package, as it would require binNMUs of
stable packages living in backports :-/

[1] source at first maybe, amd64 later if I can get the necessary
build power and bandwith.

Yes, being"official non official" packages things might break, but
think of it as a PPA that blends and plays as nice as possible within

Normally one should propose an idea of how this versioning should be,
but I'm currently not sure of a nice way and I'm also pretty sure I'm
not the first one who thinks about this, so... ideas?

Regards, Lisandro.

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer