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How to properly upload a bunch of packages with mutual dependencies?


When packaging, it typically happens that there is the tool you really
want to package and a set of build dependencies that you package with it
because they are build dependencies. So, after lots of packaging,
packaging, packaging,  you eventually get the package of interest to
build and test properly. Now you want to upload and forget until there
is a new version.

What has bitten me a few times is that I sequentially (package with no
dependencies first)  uploaded to the new queue. One then has a couple of
packages in there. And then the first-uploaded leaf package gets
rejected. There is then no need whatsoever for the ftpadmins to inspect
all reverse dependencies. And it also happens that I miss the rejection
email that GMX often directs to my spam folder - not helpful. I have
since started to just upload to salsa and to only upload once the build
dependencies are in the distribution. But I then also forget about them.
And I _want_ to the luxury not need to think about them. My mind should
be busy with other things.

Would it be helpful to transform our New Queue to a New Tree? To a New
DAG? Packages rejected from the queue should be indicated as a "ghost
package" when there are dependencies? Maybe link rejected packages with
their whereabouts on salsa to invite for team maintenance? This may then
look a bit like a "packaging management system".  Would this be a
reasonable Google Summer of Code project for 2020?