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Re: fixing debian-security-support upgrades from stretch (for good)

Sean Whitton:
> Hello,
> On Mon 13 May 2019 at 11:52AM +00, Holger Levsen wrote:
>> [re-sent with debian-release list address corrected...]
> Also resending.  Sorry.
>> so there is "#928172 debian-security-support: fails to upgrade from 'testing':
>> dpkg: error: error executing hook" which happens when base-files is upgraded
>> before debian-security-support (but doesnt happen if d-s-s is upgraded first...)
>> So I think this can only be fixed properly (=without asking people to
>> upgrade to the latest stretch pointrelease but instead allowing upgrades
>> to buster from *any* stretch pointrelease) by adding a "pre-depends:
>> debian-security-support (>= 2019.04.25)" to base-files in buster.
> I didn't think we supported upgrades from anything but the latest point
> release of the previous stable release?
> My belief is based on the release notes saying that you should upgrade
> to the latest point relesae first.

My understanding is that we prefer that upgrade paths works regardless
of which minor version of the stable release you upgrade from (to the
extend possible).