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Re: Do we want to Require or Recommend DH


Le 13/05/2019 à 14:33, Sam Hartman a écrit :

> Why Would we Want This?
> =======================

dh is gret for the vast majority of packages. Whenever your rules files
ends up with the simple catch all line, plus a couple of auto_something
overrides, its probably the best solution.

For complex cases, dh is not better or worse than anything else. It does
not make it more easy (or more difficult) to write or read a complex
rules file.

> Why Not Make this Change
> ========================

I would use dh for any new package and converting trivial packages is...
trivial. However converting a package with a more convoluted rules files
will take humanpower. While it may be justified to convert a mildly
complex rules file on a package that has some activity, I don't think I
would invest those resources to convert a package that's been working
for years without anyone touching it's rules files.

So I would tend to treat this change as any other (e.g. the quilt
format): on a best effort basis, whenever you have to touch a rules
file, consider switching. I would really not go so far as to make
working software RC buggy just because it uses a style that was once the
recommended one and stuck to it.

Kind regards, Thibaut.

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