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Re: Do we want to Require or Recommend DH

On May 13, Sam Hartman <leader@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As promised, I'd like to start a discussion on whether we want to
> recommend using the dh command from debhelper as our preferred build
> system.
I have already asked this last time, but nobody answered.
I use debhelper in all of my packages but I have never switched to dh: 
why should I bother?
"Everybody is doing this" is not much of an argument.

Would dh really make a debian/rules file like these simpler to 
understand? Can somebody try to win me over with a patch? :-)


> There's another argument though.  Using dh might make things easier for
> others making changes to your packages.  It makes it easier for us to
But would it really be much easier than debhelper?

> The biggest argument I've heard against changes in this area is that
> moving towards dh and debhelper will introduce bugs.
Everything introduces bugs, but I have never considered this a valid 
reason to stop improving software.


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