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fixing debian-security-support upgrades from stretch (for good)


so there is "#928172 debian-security-support: fails to upgrade from 'testing':
dpkg: error: error executing hook" which happens when base-files is upgraded
before debian-security-support (but doesnt happen if d-s-s is upgraded first...)

So I think this can only be fixed properly (=without asking people to
upgrade to the latest stretch pointrelease but instead allowing upgrades
to buster from *any* stretch pointrelease) by adding a "pre-depends:
debian-security-support (>= 2019.04.25)" to base-files in buster.

As per policy 7.2 I'm asking debian-devel to discuss this and form a
consensus that this is the right thing to do.

Please note that there are two more relevant bugs for this disucssion:

"#927450 [debian-security-support] debian-security-support needs to be
adapted to each new Debian release" - this bug should be fixed in
another debian-security-support upload targeted at buster, probably by
just exiting with 0 in case of an unsupported release.
Please note that #927450 was fixed in d-s-s 2019.04.25 and then reopened
with another scope :/ (=fixing this permanently and forever, while #927450
was originally only about not recognizing buster as a valid release.)

"#928204 [debian-security-support] check-support-status: cannot
create /var/lib/debian-security-support/security-support.semaphore:
Directory nonexistent" - I looked at the code and couldnt see how this
bug could happen. Help welcome, also just by confirming whether it's
possible for you to (not) reproduce this bug.

	Holger, who didn't create this mess...

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