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Re: Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community

On Wed, May 08, 2019 at 10:22:18PM -0300, Emmanuel Arias wrote:
> I was writing a serie of blog's entry [1] (on spanish)
> trying to  let for me on the future some data. Maybe
> it could be helpful for you.
> I have to write it on english version too and updated,
> because I was using a virtual machine, but now I was using
> chroot (that I think is better)
> [1]https://eamanu.com/blog/guia-debian-maintainer-1-creando-la-estacion-de-trabajo/

I think we can have some sort of starter kit (dotfiles or setup script)
for new contributors or contributors with new Debian installations to
set up such as reportbug, gbp, quilt, sbuild, environment variables,
etc.  To put things simple I propose the kit should have generic

Recently I bought a retired computer from work, and to use reportbug, I
copied my setup from my laptop, and this idea came to my mind.

Best regards,
Yao Wei

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