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Re: Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community

Hello VIpul,

I was writing a serie of blog's entry [1] (on spanish)
trying to  let for me on the future some data. Maybe
it could be helpful for you.

I have to write it on english version too and updated,
because I was using a virtual machine, but now I was using
chroot (that I think is better)



On 5/8/19 10:26 AM, Vipul wrote:
> Hey there,
> I've been using Debian from couples of years but haven't contributed
> yet back to community. I want to contribute to Debian by maintaining
> packages and fixing bugs. Since I'm using Debian for work purpose also
> so, I don't want to mess-up  with my system by installing unstable
> packages or libraries. Is there a way to get isolation for work &
> contribution purpose to keep yourself organized? 
>     I can get isolation by using Docker image or install one more copy
> of Debian in PC and switch between them but that would be painful. I
> want to hear from contributors & maintainers Which method they are
> using or prefer to get isolation?
> Sorry, if this a wrong place to ask this question, then where should I
> ask?
> Cheers,
> VIpul
> PS: I'm not subscribed to this mailing.

Emmanuel Arias

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