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Re: Preferred git branch structure when upstream moves from tarballs to git

Ian Jackson <ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> So far I have gained the impression that the kind of people who are
> using packaging-only git trees tend to be very conservative, and very
> comfortable with .dsc/tarball/patch/quilt based tools, and not really
> convinced of the usefulness of git.

Let me counter that impression, then: I am well convinced of the
usefulness of Git, both generally and for Debian packaging in
particular. I use it every day for all manner of development work.

What I remain unconvinced of is the worth of abandoning the clean
separation between an upstream source repository (whether Git repository
or not) and a VCS repository for Debian packaging (typically in Git).

The worth of such a clean separation is that it does not run afoul of
the often wide differences between upstream developer team workflow
and Debian package maintainer team workflow.

So it's not conservatism or unwillingness to learn, in my case at least.
I don't see that there's sufficient benefit to be had trying to weld
their work together into one Git repository, when we have existing tools
and workflows that don't demand that conflation.

I believe I've made an informed assessment of the benefits and costs of
a combined-upstream-with-Debian-packaging single VCS repository, and
tentatively rejected it. That choice is not irrevocable and I could be
convinced by sufficient benefit, but AFAICT the costs remain what they

> I have even experienced what feels to me like significant hostility.

Yes, I've seen that at times. I'm sure you get more that I haven't seen.
It's sad to see when it happens.

> If I am wrong and there are more users to be had by implementing this
> feature then I will definitely consider giving it a higher priority.

I'll try to find time to respond on the bug report you cited.

> BTW, dgit is capitalised thus.

Can't promise I'll remember that; as with DPut, it's easier to see the
portmanteau term with distinct capitalisation, in my opinion.

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