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Re: Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community

Vipul writes ("Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community"):
> I've been using Debian from couples of years but haven't contributed
> yet back to community. I want to contribute to Debian by maintaining
> packages and fixing bugs. Since I'm using Debian for work purpose
> also so, I don't want to mess-up with my system by installing
> unstable packages or libraries. Is there a way to get isolation for
> work & contribution purpose to keep yourself organized?  I can get
> isolation by using Docker image or install one more copy of Debian
> in PC and switch between them but that would be painful. I want to
> hear from contributors & maintainers Which method they are using or
> prefer to get isolation?


Really, that is the answer :-).  chroots are excellent for stopping
the unstable stuff and build-dependencies and so on from polluting
your main system.  They don't give security isolation, but that's not
usually what you want.  You want to be able to run a test version of
some program and have it access your display and your files normally.

schroot is a utility to help you work with chroots.
sbuild is the build tool.

To make a chroot you can use sbuild-createchroot or, err, I forget
what it's called, schroot-buildd-setup or something ?  Maybe someone
else will pop up with the answer.


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