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I am  Donna Baker. I  am a  recruiter. Our company is recruiting a outgoing, responsible, punctual  person  to fill the position of the online manager. After examining a lot of CVs, we would like to see you as our employee. 

We offer this work as underemployment at  the moment. We will  allow you to  fulfill  yourself as a full-time  employee after probation. We are also have an interest  in you  staying with us for a full-day  position after probation.

Please keep  in mind that for getting this  vacant post you must  be a US citizen or have permission  to work in the US.

As the correct and prompt  fulfillment of your  duties will affect  the  profit of our company straightforward,  it  is very important for us to  take a  good candidate. Furthermore, rewards are provided for good  performance.  You neednâ??t be tied to a specific  place â?? you may   work from home.

We are waiting for your   decision  on this invitation. Let us know  when you will be ready to start your duties.  Please contact us  to receive a  full set of required documents.

Donna Baker