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Re: Preferred git branch structure when upstream moves from tarballs to git

Holger Levsen writes ("Re: Preferred git branch structure when upstream moves from tarballs to git"):
> as a data point: I never really got my head around gbp, too many times
> it came in the way, did things I didnt expect to do (or couldnt easily
> figure out what it did), so I basically (try to) avoid packages which
> require gbp in some way.

Fair enough.

I'm not sure what git branch format you are using.  (Maybe you said it
earlier in this thread.)  Packaging-only ?  git-merge ?

> dgit *is* another layer of complexity on top of debuild and git (and other
> tools), as is gbp, and frankly (or sadly?), for the dgit case I dont see
> much benefit why I should use it rather than dput: my packages are
> maintained in git and have the correct Vcs-Git* headers set, so
> debcheckout will do the right thing and give you the full git history.

You should use dgit for the benefit of users.  See my other mail which
answers why Vcs-Git and debcheckout is not enough.

Indeed, you yourself say you avoid gbp but for many packages, the
Vcs-Git header gives you a patches-unapplied format which requires[1]
gbp pq to switch to a patches-applied view before you build it.

([1] there are other ways to apply the patches but this is the

> I *do* appreciate the idea of dgit and the work put into it, I think it
> goes into the right direction, but to me it's not sliced bread yet, but
> rather a fancy new machine for slicing bread which is more complicated
> and harder to grasp, so I'm still on that old slicing machine, which I
> know since many years and which I can easily fix if the bread gets stuck
> or the knifes need resharpening or some such.

Yes, I quite understand this point of view.


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