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Bug#928273: dgit: want separate manpage on conversion between workflows

Package: dgit
Version: 8.4
Severity: wishlist
X-debbugs-cc: Ian Jackson <ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, debian-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Ian Campbell <ijc@xxxxxxxxxx>

There should be a manpage on converting between workflows.

On Mon 29 Apr 2019 at 01:50PM -07, Sean Whitton wrote:

> dgit-maint-merge -> dgit-maint-debrebase would indeed be the
> convert-from-dgit-view subcommand.  If I were dealing with this, for
> simplicity, I would start from the point of just having made an upload.
> That way you know your HEAD is a valid dgit view.
> dgit-maint-debrebase -> dgit-maint-merge would be simply to stop using
> the `git debrebase` tool.
> dgit-maint-debrebase -> dgit-maint-merge -> dgit-maint-debrebase might
> get tricky, because `git debrebase` might get confused by your git
> history.  I think, though, that any problems would count as bugs in the
> convert-from-dgit-view subcommand.
> Switching between dgit-maint-gbp and either -merge or -debrebase is
> tricky because you are going from patches-unapplied to patches-applied.
> What I think you would want to do is use convert-from-gbp, and then if
> you wanted -merge, just don't invoke `git debrebase` anymore.  But I am
> not sure.

On Tue 30 Apr 2019 at 12:05PM +01, Ian Jackson wrote:

> When your queue is empty, dgit-maint-merge and dgit-maint-gbp are
> equivalent and dgit-maint-debrebase is "very close".
> When you go from git-merge to separated-patches, you have to create
> the additional information: the split of the delta into separate
> patches with commit messages.  However, I guess as the user you have
> already figured that out and what you want is to know that you can
> turn git-merge into
>   separated-patches but currently with one patch with
>     an autogenerated commit message
> and then you would use normal git-fu to rework that into the desired
> pretty patch series.
>> Do you think it would be helpful to add sections to both the -merge and
>> -debrebase manpages saying this stuff?
> I think we should have a separate manpage.  This kind of conversion
> stuff is (hopefully) used rarely.

Sean Whitton

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