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Re: Bits from the DPL (April 2019)

Thanks very much for the reply!
Have you been discussing this with the gitlab people?
They seem very open to discuss with projects, e.g. see
I understand your points (especially agree on moving bugs between
different projects) and that there is no solution at this time, but it
would be great if Debian would try to collaborate with gitlab on this
issue so in the future the switch would be possible.

On 30.04.19 19:32, Sam Hartman wrote:
>>>>>> "Esokrates" == Esokrates  <esokrarkose@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Esokrates> Hi, Thanks very much for the report!  Regarding
>     Esokrates> transition to salsa: I would consider it to be a great
>     Esokrates> idea to move bug reporting to gitlab too.  Most users
>     Esokrates> today are more comfortable with web based bug reporting
>     Esokrates> and it's more convenient to have everything in one place.
>     Esokrates> For outside observers and possible new contributors it's
>     Esokrates> otherwise a really a confusing situation.
> There has been a lot of discussion over the years of improving our bug
> tracking, but I don't think gitlab's issue tracking meets our needs:
> * bug numbers are per project not global.  Debian bugs move around too
>   much between packages.
> * Gitlab doesn't have a good email interface for  bugs.  Yes, we need a
>   better web interface, but dealing with bugs via email is almost
>   certainly a must have for Debian.  As an example people want to be
>   able to manage bugs on a plane and to mix bugs and mailing list
>   conversation.
> * Debian specific version tracking, cloning of bugs, and fixed version
> tracking are critical to us.
> So, while I think a lot of us agree that it would be great to have bugs
> and code in one place and great to have a better web interface for bugs,
> I don't think today's Gitlab meets Debian's needs.