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Re: Preferred git branch structure when upstream moves from tarballs to git

Gard Spreemann <gspr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Recently, upstream has finally started using git. What is the
> recommended way for me to maintain a sane branch structure for the
> packaging repository while starting to use upstream's git master as
> the upstream branch to follow?

My opinionated recommendation: Track the Debian packaging in a separate
repository (which contains only the ‘debian/’ directory tree). When it's
time to build the Debian source package for testing, export the upstream
source to a temporary build directory and export the Debian packaging
onto that. Build the Debian source package from the result.

(Of course, Git-BuildPackage supports this workflow, with the ‘--export’
and related options.)

Insulation from the kind of changes in upstream publishing that you
describe, is a significant advantage of this Debian packaging workflow.

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