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Re: Preferred git branch structure when upstream moves from tarballs to git


On Mon 29 Apr 2019 at 11:18AM +02, Gard Spreemann wrote:

> For one of my packages, I maintain two public git branches: one is
> upstream/latest, where I've been importing upstream's released tarballs,
> and the other is debian/sid that contains the packaging.
> Recently, upstream has finally started using git. What is the
> recommended way for me to maintain a sane branch structure for the
> packaging repository while starting to use upstream's git master as the
> upstream branch to follow?

An simple approach is to use 'master' for packaging and *not* maintain
upstream branches in your repository.  Instead, you fetch upstream's
release tags and merge those.

Quoting from dgit-maint-debrebase(7), though the point is more widely
applicable than that workflow:

       The idea here is that from Debian's point of view, upstream
       releases are immutable points in history.  We want to make sure
       that we are basing our Debian package on a properly identified
       upstream version, rather than some arbitrary commit on some
       branch.  Tags are more useful for this.

       Upstream's branches remain available as the git remote tracking
       branches for your upstream remote, e.g. remotes/upstream/master.

The reason for not *additionally* maintaining upstream branches is
simply that then you don't have to keep track of whether they are

Sean Whitton

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