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Re: native packages? (Re: Introducting Debian Trends: historical graphs about Debian packaging practices, and "packages smells")

On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 03:13:17PM +0200, Alf Gaida wrote:
> > > > > I see no point whatsoever in 3.0 (native).
> > > What's the point/advantage of native packages?
> > No need to make a separate orig tarball.

the irony here is that native packages also require an upstream tarball,
it's just that dpkg-buildpackage will create that automatically.

> Can't agree more, there are places where 3.0 (quilt|git|anything else) don't
> make any sense, think about meta packages with no upstream tarball and such
> things.

ok, so this is one use case, empty packages.

I'm glad I learned something in this thread. Thanks. :)


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