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Re: Tell me about your salsa experience

On 2019/04/22 22:04, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> Same here, with Alioth, I often didn't figure out what I needed to do. I
>> spent large amount of time trying to do something before I just ended up
>> giving up. In GitLab, even when I'm not sure where a setting or button
>> is it at least doesn't take long to figure out where to do it. I think
>> Salsa is the single best thing to have happened in Debian in recent
>> years. It's definitely something that reduces the barrier of entry to
>> the Debian project, and I agree with recent sentiments expressed on the
>> debian-vote list that we should standardise on salsa completely. That
>> will pave the way for more ambitious ideas that are worth while like
>> standardising on a git-based source package, which right now seems like
>> a bit much to chew off in one go.
> Even assuming it's a good idea at all, which I don't think one should assume.

Sure, the jury's still out on that one :)


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