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Re: is Wayland mature enough to be the default desktop choice in Buster?

On Sat, 20 Apr 2019 at 23:17:15 +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> But there's also the technical matter of "GNOME and/or Wayland don't work
> at all on machine XYZ".  This _is_ relevant.

Whether GNOME works on machine XYZ (at all) is relevant when deciding
whether the default desktop environment should be GNOME or something
else, but is not relevant when deciding whether GNOME should default to
Wayland or X11 mode.

The decision of whether GNOME defaults to Wayland or X11 mode is only
affected by whether GNOME-on-Xorg works better than GNOME-as-Wayland.

(Another option is to default to GNOME-as-Wayland, but expand the rules
in gnome-session-bin that force X11 mode on certain hardware and drivers,
which are already used for things like the proprietary nvidia driver.)

> [1]. Hard-hangs during boot with systemd (even a purely text install),
> works fine with sysvinit+xfce all the way.

This is certainly not a bug in GNOME's Wayland mode (a purely text
install doesn't have any X11 or Wayland), and making GNOME default to
Wayland mode would not do anything to solve it.