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Re: is Wayland mature enough to be the default desktop choice in Buster?

On Mon, 08 Apr 2019 at 14:26:04 +0100, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> Would the GNOME team kindly share with this thread the criteria that you folks
> use to make your decision as to whether to default to Wayland in Debian?

I didn't make that decision, so I can't cite any specific criteria.
Note that I don't consider myself to be a core member of the GNOME team:
I joined to help with maintenance of the lower-level bits like GLib, and
while I do help out with transitions and RC bug fixing in the higher-level
layers of the stack, anything I say should not be interpreted as some
sort of team policy or consensus.

The debian-devel mailing list is not an ideal way to reach the GNOME
team. I suspect that many team members might be deliberately avoiding the
-devel mailing list in an attempt to avoid their motivation being drained
by messages like many of the responses to this thread.

I've opened a bug against the gnome metapackage, cc'ing the -gtk-gnome
and -desktop mailing lists (and Jonathan), which I hope will result in
either a positive decision to follow upstream in keeping Wayland as the
default display protocol, or the revert that Jonathan advocated.

I would like to request that people who dislike GNOME, and would not
use it regardless of what we do in its downstream maintenance, should
not reiterate that opinion in the discussion of that bug (or in this
thread, for that matter). It isn't constructive and won't make Debian,
GNOME or GNOME-on-Debian better.