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Re: Bits from /me: Difficulties in Deep Learning Framework Packaging

Adrian Bunk wrote:

> > Curious that you have that perception. I don't have hard data but I
> > can immediately think of at least five folks.
> > 
> > And that's not counting myself.
> GSoC or Outreachy?

I don't really track in my head the origin outreach programme of these
new friends of mine, sorry.

> And 6 out of how many?

No idea. As others have pointed out, it feels like the ball is not
in my court to provide hard data to disprove your impressions.

To blindly continue in a purely anecdotal manner, since I posted I
could recall at least two more and was even told IRL about another two
in an entirely-spontaneous conversation last night.

Furthermore, the silent implication that this is the primary or even
the sole metric for these initiatives success does not sit right to
me, not least because a number you might find unacceptably low might
say more about Debian's attitude or welcoming atmosphere rather than a
judgement of the programmes themselves...

As an aside, you may need to reassure or correct me but I must say I
find myself somewhat uneasy at the tenor and manner in which you are
"just asking questions" in this thread.


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