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Re: Bits from /me: Difficulties in Deep Learning Framework Packaging

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 03:04:12PM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> On 2019/04/17 13:08, Chris Lamb wrote:
> >> How many percent of the paid GSoC and Outreachy student workers
> >> continue unpaid afterwards and become a DM or DD?
> >>
> >> My impression is that GSoC does not have a high quota,
> >> and Outreachy is a complete failure.
> > 
> > Curious that you have that perception. I don't have hard data but I
> > can immediately think of at least five folks.
> > 
> > And that's not counting myself.
> Well, the Outreachy site is running, and since they have plans ahead
> they clearly seem to be continuing their work. So if Adrian wants to
> call it a complete failure then the burden lies on him to justify that
> statement, and not on everyone else to invalidate it.

I said it was my impression, and was asking if anyone has data to
prove me wrong.

IMHO anyone spending a 5 digit US Dollar amount of Debian money annually 
should also have the burden of proof that the money is well-spent.

Personally I would also consider it questionable that Debian Outreachy 
does "expressly invite"[1] every black man born with the privilege
of US citizenship to participate, while black heterosexual men in South 
Africa are excluded and heterosexual men from South America are only 
invited if living in the US - this conveys a not very subtle message
what kind of diversity and inclusivity in Debian is wanted and what
kind is not...

I am sure this all makes sense for people in the US,
but for a global project it is a WTF.

It might even happen one day that a female student born into a 
middle-class German family gets paid 5k from Debian plus mentorship
from a DD in South America - who is too shy to ask Debian for 1k travel 
sponsorship to a Debian event in Europe he cannot afford himself.[2]

> -Jonathan


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Outreachy/Round17
[2] See the "we know it could be used for 4 or 5 other developers
    inside Europe to travel around there" in [3].
[3] https://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2019/04/msg00011.html


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