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Re: Bits from /me: Difficulties in Deep Learning Framework Packaging

Dear Mo,

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 11:12:44AM +0000, Mo Zhou wrote:
> ...
> This time I'm really giving up all related efforts [12], and shall never
> touch them again. I don't feel pity, even if these points seem to be
> tightly connected to some of my Debian activities. Apart from that, I'm
> still willing to provide personal opinions about related packaging
> works, or machine learning datasets, pretrained neural networks, etc.

Thanks a lot for the summary and all your previous work you've spent
into this.  As far as I understand your summary it would be even
"burning" a student if we would throw theses packaging task on a
student in a GSoC / outreachy project (I'm aware that we are usually
not supporting packaging tasks in these projects but it could be an
exception in case my suspicion would be wrong).

I personally do not see any capacity I could provide myself despite it
would be really helpful for Debian Med and Debian Science to cover these

> Well, this result looks bad. Let's hope for a sun rise.

> [12] My on-going works about intel-mkl / BLAS / LAPACK are unrelated.
>      I still have strong interest in many other aspects of Debian development.

Very good to know.  Please keep on your great work