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Re: Hurd-i386 and kfreebsd-{i386,amd64} removal


Am 13.04.19 um 12:06 schrieb Samuel Thibault:
>> I can't follow that style of discussion.
> Please don't, Svante is only trolling here, please don't feed him.

yes, this is true. As you've answered in your other email, such emails
bringing no real gain or progress.

>> I haven't seen a broader supporting from the people who wanting these
>> architectures to stay in Debian on some important packages.
> I can only agree. I hear a lot of people saying that the Hurd port
> existing is a great thing, but a lot less people helping with it.
> (I do thank all the people who work on it without necessarily being
> noticed).
>> Both architectures haven't seen any major development in the past years
> They have.

O.k. need to be more specific, so the same as you mentioned further
down, ..."in the context of Debian, the packages of Debian and it releases".

> Patching software should be handled upstream indeed.

Yes, but most upstreams are a bit reserved especially if it's about Hurd
as they have no knowledge about (but I also don't) and fearing that
patches will break and complicate other things, kFreeBSD is a bit easier
or more accepted and known. But I here also see the porters to get also
in touch with upstream as I'm as the maintainer of a package not
necessarily have the knowledge to keep the specific architecture up to
date in the upstream project or simply have no time or interest on this.

>> So I disagree on "One person is enough"
> I meant only for the Debian-specific things, I am the only DD who
> currently uses its key for signing packages, making CD images, etc.
> That's what I meant by "the daily ports things".

Well, I guess it's not that easy I fear as there are no parts that can
be seen as separate standalone things, it's all connected in various ways.

As I've not written this in my previous email, so to state it now, I've
a big respect on your work on Hurd! But realistically it's not enough in
my eyes to keep Hurd on even tracking the normal evolving of Debian.

> For the non-Debian-specific things like patching packages, I am
> thankfully really not alone, and I completely agree it can't be a
> one-person thing.

Sometimes it's amazing to see with what people can came up with, and
gladly there are also porter people where I get patches for other ports
to keep packages building successful.

Carsten Schoenert