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Re: Hurd-i386 and kfreebsd-{i386,amd64} removal

Am 13.04.19 um 11:15 schrieb Svante Signell:

> Please give up on Debian. They clearly have no interest in anything
> non-linux or non-systemd, that is fully clear. Let's make a joint
> effort to make a Guix release of Hurd (and kFreeBSD) happen. Or, if you
> still want to continue using apt-style distributions, join Devuan.
> Please, don't support the non-universal OS movement driven by Debian
> people!

I can't follow that style of discussion. You seems to really want to not
accept some facts about the kFreeBSD and Hurd architectures.
On the one hand you complaining about Debian is a *non*-universal OS, on
the other side I haven't seen a broader supporting from the people who
wanting these architectures to stay in Debian on some important
packages. Please stop to complain on non specific things and start to
solve the problems you see or have! You know: Someone means YOU, it's
all up to the people to keep things running.
Or simply move over to other projects were you feel more comfortable
with. There is enough space for all of us.

Both architectures haven't seen any major development in the past years
and for me as a maintainer of packages the workload on supporting these
architectures between the new upstream releases costs a lot of time with
no real gain in the end as the build dependencies later can not be
fulfilled or most of the time while importing new source I'm working on
readjust the patch queue!

So I disagree on "One person is enough" as long this one person can not
keep track on all the required main and corner cases so other
maintainers get to do the workload here alone.

Carsten Schoenert