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Re: Hurd-i386 and kfreebsd-{i386,amd64} removal

Joerg Jaspert, le sam. 13 avril 2019 10:24:53 +0200, a ecrit:
> On 15371 March 1977, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > > > It seems to exist there, so probably someone who can upload there and
> > > > is interested in hurd-i386 goes and uploads stuff.
> > > Within a two-week timeframe only?
> > (while everybody is supposed to be busy fixing RC bugs)
> I just jumped over old threads - its not actually a new thing what we
> discuss now.

Sure. But last time we discussed it in september the debian-ports
workload issue wasn't settled.

> It never ever moved despite knowing that we want it off.

Personally, I never took the initiative of doing it because of the
debian-ports workload question.

> I don't believe that anything changes just because we wait again.

What now changed is that we have a deadline, so somehow it will have to
be done. That's the difference.

But the deadline is two-week in the middle of the full freeze...

> Also, note, that it is a team decision, not me alone, I am just the
> messenger.

Sure, no problem with that.

> If you want us to change it, mail the team with the reasons, and we at
> least discuss it again. No guarantees on outcome.

Well, it's very odd that a team decision is suddenly made with a
two-week effect without asking whether the schedule will be fine.

I guess I have to explicitly confirm here that yes, I know that the
decision _whether_ to move is not sudden. Again, I'm talking about the
schedule here. Asking a Debian team to do something time-consuming
within a two-week timeframe in the middle of the full freeze, really...

I won't have the time to discuss with ftpmaster about it in the coming
days anyway.