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Re: SIMDebian: Debian Partial Fork with Radical ISA Baseline

El sábado, 6 de abril de 2019 17:55:35 -03 Guillem Jover escribió:
> If what you are interested in though is just a small subset of the
> archive, another option that would benefit everyone and is perhaps
> less cumbersome than having to jugle around with multiple archives
> and package rebuilds/variants, is to make use of libc's hwcaps [H]
> support, which means the dynamic linker will automatically load the
> best optimized shared object for the current hardware. This of course
> can complicate a bit the packaging, and bloat it, but if the performance
> improvement is substantial, it might be a very good trade-off.

FWIW: we did this with qtbase-opensource-src for some specific packages, 
namely sse2.

So fully agreeing with Guillem here: if you *really* think the effort is worth 
then going this way might be the best thing to do.

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