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Re: [Idea] Debian User Repository? (Not simply mimicing AUR)

 ❦  9 avril 2019 08:41 +10, Ben Finney <bignose@xxxxxxxxxx>:

>> >> yes, it can be done, but it is a lot more work for individual
>> >> packagers.
>> >
>> > Sure. And, on the other hand, providing an APT repository for arbitrary
>> > packages of unknown copyright status is also a lot of work to expect
>> > disinterested volunteers to do without motivation.
>> Disinterested volunteers are never forced to work for Debian.
> Yes, that's why I said “expect” and not “force”.

Being forced is the definition of expect.

"to consider bound in duty or obligated they expect you to pay your
bills" <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/expect>

>> What is the point of being so negative?
> Not sure who you're addressing here, and I'm sorry if the discussion
> appears negative to you.

I am addressing you. You try to dissuade people on the basis this is
work you are not interested to do. If someone was implementing PPA/DPA,
what would be the downside for people not interested in them? None. You
can just ignore the feature.
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