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Re: is Wayland mature enough to be the default desktop choice in Buster?

Dear Simon

On Sat, Apr 06, 2019 at 10:20:26PM +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
It's perhaps important to point out before this thread gets much further
that Wayland is not like Xorg

Apologies for not being clearer in my original message. Thank you for clearing
that up.

GNOME in buster has defaulted to Wayland mode since August 2017. The
default could presumably be swapped back to X11, as we did for stretch,

Apparently Ubuntu decided that it was not suitable (yet) as the default
for 18.04, which was an LTS release, and still stuck with Xorg for 18.10.

I don't know what criteria they used to make that decision, but I would imagine
it should be very similar to ours. Especially for an LTS release. I also don't
know what the status is for 19.04 which is presumably expected soon.

but I'm not sure whether post-hard-freeze is necessarily an appropriate
time to do that.

The freeze is a tool we use to try and ensure a quality and orderly release.
If we collectively agree that this change is necessary for the quality of our
release, then I'd hope the release team would also agree that such a change was
worthy of a freeze exception. But both of these hypotheticals are a few steps
ahead of where we are now.

If I understand correctly, the pattern that led to synaptic's removal is
that it runs its full GUI as root, which isn't supported by the way many
(all?) Wayland environments set up Xwayland.

I think that's right. I appreciate that this is has been considered a bad
approach to the problem for a long time, long before Wayland. I suspect,
but have not confirmed, that it is not the only program that will fail to
work properly in a Wayland environment. It's probably one of the more high
profile programs to break in Debian, though. Another I'd like to verify is

Would the GNOME team kindly share with this thread the criteria that you folks
use to make your decision as to whether to default to Wayland in Debian?

Best wishes


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