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Re: duprkit User Repository


Quoting Mo Zhou (2019-04-08 11:58:26)
> The header script is not really what debian/rules does. For example,
> when you are going to build some official Debian package, you may want
> to do the following:
>   $ debcheckout foobar
>   $ cd foobar; gbp export-orig; debuild -S -nc
>   $ sbuild -j4 foobar.dsc
>   $ rm -rf foobar

OT to this thread but just as general info: If you are already using sbuild
then all of this can be reduced to:

    $ sbuild -d unstable foobar

The -d option chooses your configured schroot distribution, but you can as well
pass any other (s)chroot with the -c option instead.

You can also build source packages from other archives (like a PPA) even if the
respective source URLs do not exist in your build chroot. For example here I'm
building the non-free package "arb" from the non-free repository:

    $ sbuild -d unstable --extra-repository="deb-src http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ unstable non-free" arb

So if you end up just having a deb-src archive somewhere, then building
packages from it in a chroot is just a single command.


cheers, josch

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