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Re: duprkit User Repository


On Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 12:37:36PM +0200, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> I very much dislike the idea of inventing yet another format. Your
> energy would be much better used if you rather added support for
> external tarballs to the packaging tools (with hashes, etc.) and turn
> this into DEP.

There is merely a tiny overhead in the plain text formats. Well, people
have different preferences and I still need time to see whether such
proposed formats are fine.

I found some existing problem, as what I said in the very first
paragraph of the original post. And I think I've already made the
motivation clear there. If the motivation turns to be useful enough,
why should we reject thinking about something new?
> Debian is not Fedora/Arch/... and whacking the debian/ into a single
> file doesn’t feel like something that would help anything at all. Just
> require git (as AUR4 does).

Debian is different from the other distros. Particularly, Debian is a
binary-based distribution. By creating such a user packaging repo, some
advantages of source-based distributions could be introduced.

And most importantly, anyone who dislike the single-file format
could just commit the debian directory to the repo, and remove
the do_unfold() hook from the header script. That's not recommended
but it still work without the single-file format. Anyway the
single-file format is only a part of the idea, and we can remove
it if most people don't like it.